Responsible Gaming

Commitment to the principles of responsible betting among its users is one of the main objectives that is given careful attention to. The key to creating responsible user attitudes is achieved by raising Sky247’s awareness of problem gambling and improving prevention, intervention and treatment.
Sky247’s Responsible Gambling Policy establishes a policy of striving to keep the negative effects of gambling problems within the community to a minimum and to encourage the use of responsible gambling practices.
To maintain a wide range of entertainment, Sky247 thereby strives to maintain interest among the interested public, thereby supporting its users. The representation and availability of a line of games in our assortment is our direct responsibility.
We provide and guarantee security, which can also be seen in our innovative approach that is applied to our Sky247 online gaming platform. This serves as the main goal, which is realized in successful ways. The presence of simple and understandable games from well-known providers guarantees a quality gaming experience, where each user has access to games based on their financial capabilities. Fundamentals such as honesty, transparency and reliability are built into the foundation of Sky247 services. Taking all these factors into account, Sky247 strives to ensure that each user is able to reduce, or better yet avoid, problems that could theoretically arise during gambling, especially when it comes to excessive involvement in the gaming process. Equally, the rights of those who engage in gambling as a means of entertainment within reasonable limits should be respected.

Approach gambling at Sky247 as responsibly as possible and don't forget to take a break.

Sky247’s takeaway message about responsible gaming is plain but significant.

This is a commitment to minimizing harm and supporting clients by:

  • Awareness – carried out by raising awareness of its clients about services and offers in order to minimize harm. For this purpose, certain contacts of organizations are offered where you can turn for qualified help and support. In case you encounter some problems during the game, you can use the contacts provided below:
    • Fundashon pa Maneho di Adiksho:;
    • Responsible Gaming Foundation:;
    • BeGambleAware:;
    • Gambling therapy:
  • Assistance – direct interaction to provide assistance in the current circumstances to help regain control of gaming behavior;
  • Support – creating a favorable environment in which there are no risks and all negative consequences for the gaming behavior of users are minimized, while developing a culture of responsible gaming support.

The vector in which Sky247 develops its services states that the main responsibility for making decisions about participating in the gaming process, as well as managing their financial capabilities, lies with the client.
For this reason, customer autonomy and responsibility is the safest possible way to keep away from addiction. Sky247 views its commitment to help customers by delivering clear products, comprehensive financial statements, and a clear course of action.

This Sky247 policy serves as an example of the need to take a responsible approach to gambling and its potential impact on people.

Self-exclusion is a formal procedure by which any user can stop participating in the site.

To complete the self-exclusion process, you can send us an email with the subject line “Self-Exclusion” at Provide your username, email address, mobile phone number, attach a copy of the document used for KYC so that we can identify your gaming account, and also indicate the reason for the desired account blocking.
Within 2 business days of receiving the self-exclusion notice, Sky247 will send a confirmation that the instruction has been applied to the individual’s account.
In the case an individual has gambled on our website and later submits a self-exclusion notice, an individual’s subscription will be terminated forthwith and any subsequent activity will be disregarded.
Once the self-exclusion notice has been revoked, the player’s right to receive any winnings will automatically be revoked.

When using this option, there are temporary criteria: an individual has the opportunity to be excluded for a certain period of at least 5 years or forever.
If, at the end of the self-exclusion period, the user decides not to renew it, access will be restored after 24 hours, providing an additional opportunity to reflect on their decision.
Regardless of the expiration of the individual’s self-exclusion period, no marketing materials will be sent to the individual unless the individual requests or agrees to accept such materials.

In order to fully carry out the self-exclusion procedure, a person agrees to provide full information regarding personal data so that we can limit access to our services. The measures taken for the self-exclusion process are guaranteed to be followed in the event that self-exclusion is a user request.
When consenting to the self-exclusion procedure, it should be understood that by agreeing to self-exclusion, a person acknowledges that he or she has a concurrent obligation not to attempt to circumvent self-exclusion.
Correspondingly, Sky247 shall not be liable for any consequence or loss that a person may suffer or incur if he or she commences or remains gambling by supplying any deceptive, incorrect or incomplete information or in other way attempts to circumvent the agreed self-exclusion.

When training employees on their self-exclusion responsibilities, Sky247 will consider self-exclusion during induction training and will undertake annual refresher training.
During your self-exclusion, our team will put in place mechanisms to ensure that your information remains confidential.
To understand whether self-excluded players are engaging in our services, Sky247 will undertake careful and detailed monitoring to ensure that self-excluded users are not engaging in such activity.
In the event that you are faced with unforeseen circumstances that require outside assistance in resolving them, clients should be informed of several organizations that are available to help them cope with their situation. These organizations and their contacts are provided above.
The self-included players will be recommended to delete Sky247 from their alerts, as well as remove/delete all apps, downloads and references to social media. They will also be asked to install software that prevents their access to gambling sites.

Delete self-exclusion/time-out or mandatory exclusion status list will be automatic after a set period of time.
A strong recommendation for self-excluded players is that it is worth carrying out a similar procedure in all other casino operators where there is an active financial account and gaming activity is planned.

For the safety of our players, we are committed to the safety of our players. The protection of players is mainly based on the prohibition of minors from participating in games and the protection of privacy. This is ensured by a quality procedure for processing personal data as well as payments. The fairness and range of products offered is under increased control by independent organizations. The developed marketing communications are also aimed at player protection: we only deliver what players can obtain using our clear line of communication.

Persons under the age of majority are not allowed to create an account and play games on the Sky247 website. In order to verify this, we require the appropriate age to be specified each time you register an account.
Provided that you are under 18 years of age (or otherwise: you have not reached the age of majority as provided for by the laws of the jurisdiction applicable to you) or if for some legal reason you do not have the right to participate in entering into an agreement with us, you do not should use our service.
If we suspect that you are under the age of majority, or if we receive notification that you are currently under 18 years of age or were under 18 years of age when you made any bets through our services, our services will block you. your account along with all possible available funds on it, which will not be possible to withdraw accordingly.

The following investigation will be made as to whether you have bet as an agent or have bet as an agent or otherwise on behalf of anyone under the age of 18 (or under the legal age of majority as provided by the laws of the jurisdiction applicable to you).

If we find that you are currently:

  • Are under 18 years of age or under the age of majority that applies to you at the relevant time;
  • Have bet as an agent on behalf of or at the direction of a person under 18 years of age or under the age of majority that applies.

You will be subject to the following measures:

  1. You will keep all winnings currently or to be credited to your account;
  2. All winnings generated from bets placed through the service by minors shall be forfeited;
  3. Any funds credited to your online account not considered as winnings will be subject to refund to you.

Given the fact that if we have reasonable suspicion that your game account is being used for fraudulent or other purposes, in accordance with this policy we may reserve the right to take any action necessary to understand the situation, up to and including that the relevant authorities can be informed about this incident.
To provide the ultimate care for minors, the support of parents and guardians is also relied upon. Kindly store your account access details (user ID and password) somewhere you can trust.
In addition, we encourage you to install filter software. This will restrict access to Internet resources that are inappropriate for children and young people.

Featuring a variety of games and bets, Sky247 is a diversion that provides entertainment for the majority of its customers. Meanwhile, it takes responsibility to its clients by supplying support and instruments to sustain a risk-aware, safe and entertaining atmosphere.
Clients who struggle to evaluate risks, recognize their limits, or who suffer from gambling addiction cannot play our product line in a responsible manner and view it as a form of entertainment. Sky247 holds these users responsible by disabling their access to our products for their own safety.

The presence of such a term as problematic gaming behavior implies that such a person is contraindicated from participating in long-term games, as it can lead to negative changes. This behavior is excessively harmful and interferes with the lifestyle, work, financial status or health of the individual or his family.
The pathological gambling addiction was officially recognized and included in the list of psychological diseases of the international classification system DSM-IV and ICD-10 in 1980. Its definition is a long-term, recurrent and often increasing attraction to play despite existing negative personal and social factors such as debt, breakdown of family relationships and delay in occupational growth.

The fact remains that gambling addiction can only be diagnosed with the help of qualified professionals. The information on this page will help you evaluate and identify your own gambling behavior.
The particular danger of non-substance related addictions is that it is very difficult to define the line between pleasure and addiction. Still, some diagnostic cues exist that can indicate that there are problems. If there are at least five of the following symptoms, you are highly susceptible to severe addiction:

  1. The gambler has a deep passion for gambling, with all his mind focused on gambling.
  2. The amount of the bet increases over time.
  3. The efforts to terminate or monitor his involvement in gambling have proved unsuccessful.
  4. The individual feels annoyance and disappointment in limiting his or her engagement in games of chance.
  5. The game is a means of getting away from trouble or discomfort.
  6. There is a moment that the player is heavily involved in starting to win back lost amounts.
  7. When excuses and lies to himself in his gambling behavior begin.
  8. When illegal actions are present.
  9. Damages or breaks relationships with family and coworkers.
  10. As a result of borrowing money to participate in gambling.

Following the rules below ensures that you can enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest, knowing that you are not violating any rules:

  1. Initiate the game only once you are relaxed and focused.
  2. Make sure you have regular breaks.
  3. Set a monthly limit on how much you can spend on playing beforehand.
  4. Set a maximum limit and do not go on increasing it.
  5. Prior to starting to play, decide the maximum amount of winnings, after which you should stop playing.
  6. Decide on the amount of money you can afford to lose in advance.
  7. Do not begin playing while you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  8. Avoid gambling in a depressed state.
  1. Publicize responsible gambling by sending out information on each of the various brands’ websites.
  2. Provide its players with information regarding gaming entertainment as a leisure activity and not as a direct way to make money.
  3. Provide incentives for players to bet within reasonable limits.
  4. Supply details of the rules of all gambling activities offered for play. The regulations Will be accessible on each different brand’s website.
  5. Possess a dedicated 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week customer service team.
  6. Have in place and adhere to a self-exclusion program which is available to clients to stop themselves from engaging in gambling that keeps applicants informed and stimulates them to seek counseling and assistance.
  7. Refuse service to underage players or players with gambling addictions.
  8. Put in place and utilize mechanisms to monitor how players utilize our services and finally terminate their accounts if a situation of unaccountable gambling is detected.