Sky247 Rules and Regulations

This document contains rules and regulations, which in turn are a binding and inalienable agreement between the user and Sky247. While on the Sky247 platform, the user agrees that the company may update, edit, and supplement these rules at any time. The user also agrees that Sky247 reserves the right to decide on each event individually if the event does not fall under the laws and regulations in India or is an exception. By staying on the platform, the user also agrees that they have familiarized themselves with the current rules and regulations.

Carefully study the rules of Sky247 gambling site in India.

In case a user is noticed for suspicious activity or in violation of the current rules and regulations, Sky247 has the full right to suspend the player by blocking his account. The company also has the right to cancel or withhold a player’s bets at its discretion. Sky247 also has the right not to accept appeals and not to refund account funds. Activities that lead to the restrictions mentioned above:

  • Using programs or technologies such as VPN that change IP address;
  • Sky247 Registration of more than one account;
  • Courtsiding and transferring funds to another account;
  • Matchfishing, syndicate betting, and any other ways to cheat Sky247.

When using services on the Sky247 platform, the user agrees that the company is not responsible for any errors, inaccuracies, or distortion of information that are associated with poor internet connection or technical problems (in which Sky247 is not involved).

Sky247 Bookmaker’s office reserves the right to take the necessary actions to ensure fair service to its customers in case of any apparent errors (wrong team, tournament, player, odds error, wrong time, etc.). To settle such situations (apparent errors), the company can consider the bets invalid and cancel them (make the odds 1.00). Sky247 reserves the right to cancel the bet even after the event has occurred with a clear error.

In the case when, due to technical problems or other reasons, the result of the event is already known, or the client is able to get any advantage, the company has the right to consider the bet invalid. When using the services of Sky247, the client agrees that he will immediately report any errors detected and will not neglect the use of the error. Winner funds will be canceled with any mistakes.

According to this rule, users must immediately contact the Sky247 support team and provide them with all necessary information in the following cases:

  • Problems or errors related to betting;
  • Dissatisfaction with bets, having various claims related to any betting issues;
  • Incorrect accrual of bet winnings or its absence.

According to this section, the user agrees that all market calculations are made in accordance with the Special Sports Rules. All market calculations are made on the basis of official results of the relevant authority for a specific event unless the Special Sports Rules stipulate on what basis the market is calculated.

In the case when official results are not available from the relevant authority, Sky247 calculates the market according to the results collected from independent sources. In this case, the company itself chooses an independent source to be used in the calculation.

Until a new independent source is selected, market calculations will be suspended. If Sky247 cannot find an independent source of data, the company has the right to cancel the market. In this case, users’ bets will be invalid and returned.

Under this section, all market settlements occur immediately after the end of the event. The company may also make calculations before the end of the event, with future adjustments for customer service purposes only. In case the final result differs from the one used in the calculation, Sky247 has the right to recalculate the market.

In the case when the market calculation was made erroneously due to human error or technical error, the calculations may also be changed or canceled altogether. Changes in calculations may indirectly or directly affect the balance of users.

The user agrees that they cannot cancel or transfer the bet when it has been confirmed. The user has the right to cancel the bet if it was made due to a technical or other error from Sky247. And also in the case if it is specified in the special rules of the event.

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